In 2010, the Ministry of Education accepted the bold plans submitted from the Chilliwack School District to create a multi-faceted   educational and community campus on the property known as Chilliwack Secondary School.  The vision was to: 

  • Create a multi-faceted campus that houses Chilliwack Secondary, Fraser Valley Distance Education School and a community based Neighbourhood Learning Centre.
  • Provide educational, social and emotional support to students, families and elders.
  • Operate year round, during the day and in the evenings, seven days a week.

The Neighbourhood Learning Centre (NLC) would provide the space for community programming, a day care, and educational opportunities for both School District staff and members of the general public. 

In September of 2013, Chilliwack Secondary students moved into their beautiful new school.  In a matter of months, the NLC followed and opened its doors to the School District and School District Partners. The NLC is already a vibrant hub of Community Partners, services and programs and is quickly becoming a coveted venue in the Community of Chilliwack.